Liquid argon TPC

Important concepts in liquid argon (LAr) time projection chamber (TPC) can be found in Jonathan Asaadi’s  Liquid Argon Time Projection Chambers. TPC detectors play a critical role in measuring the properties of neutrinos and their interactions with matter. To maximize physics output and minimize cost, liquid-argon TPC experiments share and contribute to a common physics software package, LArSoft.

LArSoft is a set of detector-independent software tools for the simulation, reconstruction and analysis of data from liquid argon neutrino experiments. The common features of LAr TPCs enable sharing of algorithm code across detectors of very different size and configuration.  The software suite covers a wide selection of algorithms and utilities, including those for associated photo-detectors and the handling of auxiliary detectors outside the TPCs. Available algorithms cover the full range of simulation and reconstruction, from raw waveforms to high- level reconstructed objects, event topologies and classification. The common code within LArSoft is contributed by adopting experiments, which also provide detector-specific geometry descriptions, and code for the treatment of electronic signals.