LArSoft Releases

A LArSoft release is a consistent set of LArSoft products built from tagged versions of code in the repositories. This implicitly includes corresponding versions of all external dependencies used to build it. Each release has a release page on Scisoft at:<version>/larsoft-<version>.html such as:

There are two types of releases– Integration and Production.


  • Created weekly or on demand for special purposes
  • Contents approved at Coordination Meetings
  • May be removed after about a month. We announce our intentions in advance


  • Any release designated as “production” by an experiment
  • Created on demand (but usually on the weekly schedule)
  • Contents approved by the experiment declaring production. Typically also coordinated through the CM to keep other experiments informed
  • Production releases are retained on disk indefnitely  

The list of all available tagged releases  is available at: