The Liquid Argon Software (LArSoft) Collaboration develops and supports a shared base of simulation and reconstruction software across liquid argon time projection chamber (LArTPC) neutrino experiments. LArSoft is both the project/collaboration and the body of shared code.

The LArSoft Collaboration is driven by the needs of the participating experiments as represented by the steering group, which consists of spokespeople of the experiments as well as representatives from Fermilab’s Scientific Computing and Neutrino Divisions. A core project team of physicists and computing professionals, hosted by Fermilab, provides organizational and technical leadership, software infrastructure and expertise, and software management and distribution services to the Collaboration. Based on input from the technical leads of the experiments, the project team develops and documents a yearly work plan, which is approved by the steering group in December and reviewed and updated quarterly.

Developers from the experiments contribute experiment-independent algorithms and tools to the common code base hosted on GitHub, The project team supports a continuous integration model to manage contributions.

A 2016 presentation about LArSoft by Ruth Pordes and Erica Snider that provides background on LArSoft is available here. To request additional information, contact

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