LArSoft Training

This page is designed to help people who are new to LArSoft.

Start with:

  1. To get an overview of LArSoft, please watch the video introduction to LArSoft narrated by Ruth  based on a presentation by Ruth Pordes and Erica Snider. The pdf version of the presentation is available here.
  2. Read through the important concepts in LArSoft.  Other resources include:
    1. Erica’s presentation for the Fermilab 2016 Undergraduate Lecture Series, which includes an explanation of reconstruction that begins at around the 21st minute.
    2. Videos and presentations from the CERN 2016 tutorial for beginners to LArSoft and beginners to the Liquid Argon TPC technology.
    3. Presentations from the LArSoft 2015 one-day training on  LArSoft data products, reconstruction, simulation and other important concepts provide a comprehensive introduction to people new to LArSoft.  (No videos)
    4. Videos and presentations from the LArSoft 2016 workshop on Usability are targeted more for advanced users.
    5. Also of use may be the videos and presentations from the LArSoft 2017 workshop on tools and techniques.
  3. To get started using LArSoft within your experiment, go to the redmine wiki, in particular your experiment’s information on getting started under the Quick Links.
  4. The glossary may help in understanding the vocabulary used within LArSoft.

One-stop shopping:

  • Begin with This website has links to almost everything you need.