LArSoft Steering Group

The LArSoft Collaboration is driven by the needs of the participating experiments. The steering group includes the spokespeople of the experiments, as well as representatives from Fermilab’s Scientific Computing and Neutrino Divisions. (All pictures are attributed to Fermilab or to the person pictured.)

Jen Raaf, head of Neutrino Division



Adam Lyon, Director of Data Science, Simulation, and Learning Division



Sergio Bertolucci, co-spokesperson of DUNE.




Mary Bishai co-spokesperson of DUNE.




Angela Fava, spokesperson of ICARUS.




Will Foreman, co-spokesperson of LArIAT.




Jen Raaf, co-spokesperson of LArIAT.




Matt Toups, co-spokesperson of MicroBooNE.




Justin Evans, co-spokesperson of MicroBooNE. 




palamaraOrnella Palamara, co-spokesperson SBND




David_SchmitzDavid Schmitz, co-spokesperson of SBND.




Erica Snider, LArSoft project lead