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Algorithm or Service nameAuthor or Maintainerone line description
Fuzzy Cluster Benjamin Carls A 2D clustering algorithm that attempts to ID shower and track like objects
Detector Pedestal Service Brandon Eberly Service Interface class that provides access to a DetPedestalProvider
Channel Status Service Brandon Eberly Service interface that provides access to a ChannelStatusProvider
Auxiliary Detector Geometry Service Brian Rebel Provides a description of the physical and readout aspects of the auxiliary detector.
Cluster Crawler Bruce Baller Reconstructs line-like 2D clusters, 2D vertices and 3D vertices.
Remove Isolated Space Points Gianluca Petrillo Space point isolation detection (example)
Geometry Gianluca Petrillo Description of detector geometry
LAr Seed Service Gianluca Petrillo Central management of random seeds
Kalman Filter track fit Giuseppe Cerati Fit tracks using Kalman Filter fit+smooth.
Track 3D Kalman Hit Herbert Greenlee Reconstructs tracks applying Kalman filter on hits.