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Algorithm or Service nameAuthor or Maintainerone line description
Neutron Oscillation Jeremy Hewes Event generator module for GENIE neutron-antineutron oscillation
Detector Properties Service Jonathan Paley Service that provides detector specific properties such as temperature, density, purity, lifetime, etc., all which may be run or time dependent and extracted from a database.
Raw Hit Finder Michelle Stancari Save CPU time by not fitting the hit shapes, at the expense of precision.
Blurred Cluster Mike Wallbank 2D cluster reconstruction technique which specialises in clustering hits from shower deposits by first applying a weighted Gaussian smearing to the hit map in order to more accurately distribute the charge and form more complete clusters.
EM Shower Mike Wallbank 3D shower reconstruction algorithm which takes 2D clusters in each view and produces 3D shower objects with all relevant properties
Image Pattern Robert Sulej Set of algorithms, modules and scripts performing pattern recognition in 2D images made of wire ADC waveforms. Algorithms are based on convolutional neural networks. There are tools for data preparation, running the network in the training and inference m
Projection Matching Algorithm Robert Sulej, Dorota Stefan Reconstructs structures of 3D tracks interconnected with vertices; the input is 2D clusters.
Nucleon Decay Tingjun Yang A module to simulate nucleon decays.
Track Containment Wesley Ketchum Groups tracks by containment.