Workshop Planning

LArSoft Usability Workshop – Plan for the plan – Last revised 5/26/16

An x means the item is done, working back from the end date:

June 22-23 – hold workshop

June 16- speaker slides uploaded to Indico.

June 9 – examples identified, commitment from speakers finalized with content clear

June 8 – any speakers not identified? Try to get names, titles of talks

x May 26 – commitment for afternoon sessions – art team, LArSoft team

x May 26 – documentation talk discussed (meeting with Rob K, Adam, Ruth, Erica, Katherine)

x May 24 – poster advertising the workshop (and FIFE and art) distributed

xMay 24 – Indico updated with information

xMay 23 – early poster ready

x May 10 – put more information in Indico, push to get people to register

x May 5 – email to entice people to register for Workshop – mention some topics.

x May 4 – contact  speakers, ask for title of talk, feedback on time, suggestions, etc. (Katherine will do this and copy Ruth & Erica.)

x April 28 – info from last year’s workshop on Indico (travel, etc.)

x April 26 – update agenda with feedback.

x April 21 – revise website agenda, ask for comments by 26th from Software and Computing Coordinators Group, – email went out

x April 21 – Determine if  Robert Hatcher or Hans Wenzel (from Daniel Elvira’s group) will speak at the workshop. – asked Daniel Elvira–he will get back to us soon.

x April 19 – Invite John Marshall (Erica), Jim A., Rob Kutschke, Daniel Elvira to speak and ask for comments on the agenda

x April 19 – revise agenda, place on website

x April 14 – Revise agenda, send to

x April 12 – hold the date announcement in LArSoft Coordination meeting and an email to larsoft.

x April 8 – rooms arranged. (Thanks, Carla!)

x April 7- update Indico information about the workshop –

(Registration is open)

x April 5 – Katherine & Erica (& Ruth as needed) begin meeting about the workshop


Goals include:

  1. raising awareness
  2. gathering ideas
  3. getting commitment to contribute for larger areas
  4. contributing small solutions
  5. improving code analysis


Experience levels:

  1. users
  2. developers
  3. getting started with a new experiment