Algorithms and services list

There are several ways to view the LArSoft Algorithms and Services:

  1. List of all submitted in alphabetical order
  2. Sorted by author’s name.
  3. Ones that have gone through code analysis
  4. Services
  5. Examples
  6. Page for self-sorting

If you’d like a page with another type of sort, please send email to

Alphabetical list of algorithms and services

[pdb_list fields=”alg_name,aut_name,alg_category,one_line_desc” filter=’alg_category!example’ orderby=’alg_name’ order=’asc’ template=wide class=”full-list centered”  ]

If you want to add an algorithm to this list and you are within the Fermilab network, please go to this page.  If you receive an error message about not finding the page, please follow these instructions.