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Alphabetical list of algorithms and services

Algorithm or Service nameAuthor or Maintainercategoryone line description
Kalman Filter track fit Giuseppe Cerati 3D trajectory reconstruction Fit tracks using Kalman Filter fit+smooth.
LAr Seed Service Gianluca Petrillo other Central management of random seeds
Neutron Oscillation Jeremy Hewes event generation, other Event generator module for GENIE neutron-antineutron oscillation
Nucleon Decay Tingjun Yang event generation, other A module to simulate nucleon decays.
Projection Matching Algorithm Robert Sulej, Dorota Stefan 3D hit reconstruction, other Reconstructs structures of 3D tracks interconnected with vertices; the input is 2D clusters.
Raw Hit Finder Michelle Stancari 2D hit reconstruction, other Save CPU time by not fitting the hit shapes, at the expense of precision.
Track 3D Kalman Hit Herbert Greenlee 3D hit reconstruction, other Reconstructs tracks applying Kalman filter on hits.
Track Containment Wesley Ketchum cosmic ray ID, other Groups tracks by containment.

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