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The Liquid Argon Software (LArSoft) Collaboration develops and supports a shared base of physics software across Liquid Argon (LAr) Time Projection Chamber (TPC) experiments.

A video introduction to LArSoft by Ruth Pordes and Erica Snider is available here. The pdf of the paper is available here.

More information about LArSoft is at:

The LArSoft Collaboration is driven by the needs of the participating experiments. The steering group includes the spokespeople of the experiments, as well as representatives from Fermilab’s Scientific Computing and Neutrino Divisions. (All pictures are attributed to Fermilab or to the person pictured.)

Steve Brice, head of Neutrino Division

James Amundson, head of Scientific Computing Division

Edward Blucher, co-spokesperson of DUNE.

Stefan Soldner-Rembold , co-spokesperson of DUNE.

Carlo Rubbia, spokesperson of ICARUS.

Jonathan Asaadi, co-spokesperson of LArIAT.

Jen Raaf, co-spokesperson of LArIAT.

Bonnie Fleming, co-spokesperson of MicroBooNE.

Geralyn (Sam) Zeller, co-spokesperson of MicroBooNE.

Ornella Palamara, co-spokesperson SBND

David Schmitz, co-spokesperson of SBND.

Erica Snider, LArSoft project lead

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