January 2022 Meeting Notes

The January 2022 LArSoft Offline Leads status update was handled via email and a google document.

LArSoft – Erica Snider

  • The 2022 LArSoft workplan was approved at the December Steering Group Meeting.
  • The project team continues to make progress toward rolling out phase 1 of the spack migration, but we do not yet have a timeline for completion. The target is still to be ready by the end of January. We will have additional information at the January 25 LArSoft Coordination Meeting.
  • We have performed a number of updates to LArSoft.org, including the addition of information about LArSoft on HPC. If you have experience with running LArSoft on HPC resources, or are working on development toward that goal, please let us know so that we can include it on this page.
  • LArSoft Redmine wiki:  the migration of the LArSoft wiki to GitHub is under way, with the release notes and about a quarter of the remaining pages validated post-migration. Issues with the converted markdown currently limit the rate of progress. We will provide additional information at the January 25 LArSoft Coordination Meeting.
  • In response to numerous questions, we’ve added information on how to cite LArSoft. This is available at:  https://larsoft.org/citing-larsoft/ 

MicroBooNE – Herbert Greenlee

MCC9-related updates were merged into larsoft and uboone suite integration releases as of version v09_41_00.  Refer to talk in Dec. 14, 2021 larsoft coordination meeting.

SBND – Andrzej Szelc

Material, including videos, from the 6th UK LArTPC Software and Analysis workshop in November 2021 is available and on the LArSoft training website.

This informal workshop was intended for LArTPC Software/Analysis beginners (mostly PhD students and post-docs). The aim was for new collaborators on LArTPC experiments to become familiar with the software and analysis tools commonly available to experiments such as MicroBooNE, SBND, DUNE, protoDUNE and ICARUS. The workshop was held in a hybrid mode at the University of Edinburgh and online.

SBN Data/Infrastructure – Joseph Zennamo, Wesley Ketchum

Working through large-scale production testing ahead of next major SBN release. There are major issues in SBND with memory, related to moving to the refactored LArG4 and lingering issues in the ‘rollup’ of truth information from showers. We met with Hans/others earlier in the month and developed a plan, but haven’t seen progress on that yet. This is an urgent need for simulation (and Dom Brailsford reports this is affecting DUNE as well).

DUNE – Heidi Schellman, Tingjun Yang, Michael Kirby

No Report

ICARUS – Daniele Gibin, Tracy Usher

No Report

LArIAT – Jonathan Asaadi

No Report

Please email Katherine Lato or Erica Snider for any corrections or additions to these notes.