July 2020 Offline Leads Meeting Notes

LArSoft – Erica Snider

  • LArSoft has immediate plans to migrate to Geant4 10.6.p01, as discussed at the June 30 LArSoft Coordination Meeting. All experiments should let us know whether they approve of this migration as soon as possible. If not prepared to sign off, let us know the timescale on which your experiment can make a decision, or the specific problem that is blocking approval.
  • Also as discussed at the June 30 LArSoft Coordination Meeting, the first LArSoft v09 series release will be ready shortly after the Geant4 migration (unless there is a significant delay for that). This will be the notional start of support for multi-threaded LArSoft releases, and the end of Mac OS builds in LArSoft distributions. The project team will assist experiments with making code currently in or destined for production workflows thread safe. Please open issue tickets to begin this process for any new requests.

DUNE – Andrew John Norman, Heidi Schellman, Tingjun Yang, Michael Kirby, Tom Junk

DUNE signs off on GEANT 4.10.6p01 for future LArSoft development.  DUNE requests Pandora LC Content be added to the pandora UPS product, for near detector development.  We are also interested in the bxdecay0 generator and would like to have that incorporated as a standard generator in LArSoft — other experiments may find it useful too. https://cdcvs.fnal.gov/redmine/issues/24614 

ICARUS – Daniele Gibin, Tracy Usher

Preparation for data taking: looking forward to v09 release of LArSoft for multi-threading capability. Also expecting data processing load to start to significantly ramp up on the time scale of weeks. Now working on running the conversion from daq to LArSoft format (the “decoder” job) in a nearline environment and make output available to the TITUS event display. 

Continuing tasks: Will be generating a new photon library in the coming weeks – anticipating 50,000 CPU hours necessary for this project. With data expect better understanding of noise, will be re-tuning signal processing/hit finding, probable impacts on work being done now to better tune Pandora track and shower finding. Have integrated the Wirecell drift simulation, work ongoing to complete integration of 2D deconvolution. 

Database: MicroBooNE had reported issues with data base access when running large production campaigns which was tracked to request conflicts with web database access. Herb Greenlee presented solution based on a file based solution, versus web based, which solved the problem. We are interested as well in this solution, it appears to require integration of a feature branch Herb had created into LArSoft so would like to see this happen. (Side note, issues seen with the channel mapping database, web based, were resolved with the database maintainers adjusting parameters on their side so this seems to be ok for us now, not clear if this was the same problem impacting uboone). 

LArIAT – Jonathan Asaadi

No Report

MicroBooNE – Herbert Greenlee, Tracy Usher

No Report

SBND – Roxanne Guenette, Andrzej Szelc

No Report

SBN Data/Infrastructure – Joseph Zennamo, Wesley Ketchum

We’ve pushed SBND and ICARUS for signoff on the new G4: don’t anticipate any problems (and sorry for the delay in pushing). Both detectors are making progress on updating their geometries and being ready to use the new refactored LArG4. Once done, we are also interested in testing new recombination models that explicitly tie charge and light formation together, and so that will be a priority leading into the fall.

Please email Katherine Lato or Erica Snider for any corrections or additions to these notes.