October 2019 Offline Leads Meeting Notes

10/22/19 Attendees: Tingjun Yang, Thomas Junk, Mike Kirby, David Adams, Erica Snider, Katherine Lato

Agenda:  the 2020 work plan and the GitHub migration plan.

The  GitHub migration

  • The project would like to complete the migration as soon as possible. The infrastructure is ready, but the documentation needs more work, and  is critical path for moving into community testing phase. 
  • The exact procedures for Level 1 and Level 2 need to be worked out. 
  • Need to know immediately who the level 2 managers are going to be. 
    • DUNE:
      • Level 2 managers:
        • Tom Junk
        • Tingjun Yang
        • Christoph Alt (has already been doing it for another project)
        • David Adams
      • How many Level 2 managers needed to approve a PR?
        • One. Expect that DUNE managers will approve only PRs from / for DUNE. (Exceptions ok if the manager is familiar with the work.)
    • ICARUS
      • Tracy Usher (agreed in email after the meeting)
    • Emailed other experiments requesting nominees
  • LArSoft will clean the history during the migration. 
  • Will experiments migrate to GitHub? 
    • DUNE yes probably yes, in part because Redmine is so slow. Improved performance of GitHub is one of the motivations for the LArSoft move. DUNE has no migration plan yet.
    • Noted that there is already a GitHub area, but it doesn’t have TPC code in it. DUNE will think about how to organize repositories
  • Will open up the GitHub for testing once the documentation is in place. Would like the testing period to be as long as needed, but as short as possible.

Went through the draft 2020 work plan. 

  • DUNE would like us to fix the existing event display in advance of having a new event display.
  • SPACK.
    • Tom ran the MVP, it took all day, took all the memory, but it did work eventually. Not recommended in present state, though.
      • We believe this is related to the “concretization” stage, which is known to be slow. Chris  Green has been introducing significant optimizations, but having some difficulty getting SPACK owners to accept the changes.
  • Pixels
    • Check with Mat Muether. Also, Gianluca Petrillo has been working on pixel-related Geometry.
  • DUNE suggests we promote magnetic field one to a project.

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