Concepts in LArSoft, CI, Algorithms – April 2016

Concepts in LArSoft

The goal of this material is to help new LArSoft users understand the big picture of what is going on within the code. The aim is not to show specific code examples but to lay the foundation for the conceptual understanding of the basic steps in simulation, geometry, reconstruction, algorithms, services and designing, coding and testing LArSoft. The main page can be found here.

Continuous Integration documentation update

Katherine Lato and Vito Benedetto created a new high-level page linked from Designing, Coding and Testing page for Continuous Integration. They updated the associated Redmine wiki pages as well, starting with the main CI wiki page.

Documenting Algorithms

We’ve started documenting the algorithms in LArSoft, and need your help. If you have an algorithm name and an email, you can get started. See this page for more information. As an example of an algorithm added, Bruce Baller added the information for ClusterCrawlerAlg. It can be seen here with a link to more detailed information.