August 2021 Meeting Notes

This Offline Leads status update was handled via email and a google document.

LArSoft – Erica Snider

  • Making progress on art 3.09 migration, and have a third release candidate. We are aiming to transition LArSoft to art 3.09 during the week of Aug  9 or 16, depending upon what additional problems are found
  • After art 3.09 is in place, we expect to be in a position technically to migrate LArSoft to a build system based on cetmodules with a spack back end that provides backwards compatible support for UPS. (See the presentation by Chris Green at the Feb 23, 2021 LArSoft Coordination Meeting for some discussion of this migration). Work on this migration will begin immediately after the art 3.09 migration. 
    • Prior to rolling out the new system, we will provide experiments an opportunity to review documentation and our user support, along with a release candidate with the new system. We will seek explicit sign-off from the experiments prior to migration.
    • After this migration, we will begin work on phasing out UPS in preparation for a move to the final spack-only system. Additional user resources will be provided prior to that change.
  • Progress on thread-safety has slowed. The current focus is on converting services that access the database to use the art concurrent caching support infrastructure.
  • Kyle is working on preparing a profiling and optimization presentation, as requested in issue #25831. He proposed three separate 30-minute sessions:
    1. Basics of CPU and memory usage (stacks, caches, heap allocations) and guidelines for their use
    2. Tools for profiling your programs
    3. Stepping through profile results of a sample program

DUNE – Andrew John Norman, Heidi Schellman, Tingjun Yang, Michael Kirby

DUNE has scripts to split up dunetpc, but is waiting for Dom Brailsford to commit a rearrangement of the services fcl files which affect the ability of unit tests to run independently.  They plan on moving to GitHub for the new split repositories.  Heidi and Andrew are evaluating ways DUNE collaborators should use GitHub now that username/password access is disabled and tokens or SSH keys are required.

ICARUS – Daniele Gibin, Tracy Usher

No Report

LArIAT – Jonathan Asaadi

No Report

MicroBooNE – Herbert Greenlee

At the Aug. 24, 2021 LArSoft coordination meeting, Herb presented a plan for reconciling the LArSoft version of data product ParticleID (package lardataobj) with the MicroBooNE MCC9 version.  The long term goal is for MicroBooNE to merge its MCC9 production release updates into the develop branch.  Some follow up work is required to decide between the strategy of updating ParticleID on the develop branch to match MCC9, or adding an entirely new data product class.  The sticking point all along has been backward compatibility with data files written using older versions.

SBND – Andrzej Szelc

No Report

SBN Data/Infrastructure – Joseph Zennamo, Wesley Ketchum

SBN is preparing for the August production in advance of the larger October production push. 

As part of this SBND has migrated to using the latest refactored LArG4 where they have observed issues with the MCParticle collections containing non-unique TrackIDs and SegFaulting when trying to access trajectory information. They have followed up with experts. 

Please email Katherine Lato or Erica Snider for any corrections or additions to these notes.