January 2019 Offline Leads Meeting Notes

The January 2019 LArSoft Offline Leads status update was handled via email and a google document.

LArSoft – Erica Snider

  • The 2019 LArSoft workplan was updated after the steering group meeting in December and is available at: https://indico.fnal.gov/event/18678/material/2/0.pdf It is an ambitious plan and will require additional effort to complete.
  • LArSoft will be working with Wes Ketchum to organize a mini-workshop on March 4 to discuss the problems, solutions and workflows for performing data overlays in LArSoft. These techniques will be used by all experiments, so should be of interest to the entire LArSoft community. Background can be found in Wes’s presentation Feature update to DetectorClocks service for data/simulation overlays.
  • Steve Gardiner from ND/MicroBooNE created LArSoft v08_01_00_01, a test release based on Genie v3_00_02. Completing this integration has been a high priority, and we thank Steve for contributing this work. All experiments will need to sign-off on Genie v3 before it will be integrated into the develop branch, so experiments should perform whatever tests are needed using this release.
  • MicroBooNE has declared LArSoft v08_00_00 as production for MCC9.

DUNE – Andrew John Norman, Heidi Schellman, Tingjun Yang

The first round of production of ProtoDUNE-SP data processed with LArSoft/dunetpc release v07_08_00 was very successful and we are using this pass to help us inform the TDR and to start analyses that we intend to publish.  We have tested the 2D deconvolution provided by the wire-cell team on ProtoDUNE data, which may be included in the second pass of production. We have moved our photon visibility libraries to StashCache. We would like to thank the art and LArSoft teams for helping us migrate to art v3.x.

ICARUS – Daniele Gibin, (Tracy Usher)

  • Production running with POMS appears to be fairly turnkey now.
  • A small group of analyzers have been busy uncovering issues with the TPC simulation and in the next icaruscode release should have the signal processing issues fairly well sorted.
  • Work has begun on splitting the horizontal wires with the first test geometry made available recently. Gianluca Petrillo has been understanding impacts to the LArSoft code; hopefully this will be ready soon.
  • ICARUS continues to work towards launch of the next MCC in early March with the goals of being able to do a demonstration of basic Cosmic Ray tagging and perhaps a basic physics analysis.

LArIAT – Jonathan Asaadi

No Report

MicroBooNE – Herbert Greenlee, Tracy Usher

MCC9 is progressing well with much good work on space charge and overlays with both highly relevant to future LArTPCs.

SBND – Roxanne Guenette, Andrzej Szelc

  • SBND, thanks to work of Tom Brooks, has integrated the CRT simulation into our workflow.
  • We are working to understand the timing resolution of the detector using LArSoft. This will require implementing the BnB bucket structure (investigated by A. Ezeribe, A. Scarrf, Sheffield), and new timing parametrizations to work with the optical library, as well as solutions to make it work faster (D. Garcia-Gamez, P. Green).
  • We are making progress with the implementation of the Spacecharge simulation (A. Timilsina).
  • We expect to produce large data samples with the improved parameters soon.

Please email Katherine Lato or Erica Snider for any corrections or additions to these notes.