May 2023 Meeting Notes

Offline Leads Meeting, May 30

Attendees: Erica Snider, Tom Junk, Tracy Usher, Miquel Nebot, Tingjun Yang, Steven Gardiner, Katherine Lato

LArSoft Report: Erica

  • Work plan update
    • Saba Sehrish has been working to pick up the work to make services thread safe. 
      • She had completed a number of changes, but was pulled away before she was able to commit them to the head of develop. Has nearly finished with updating all the relevant features branches to be able to merge these
      • Most important priority is to address any outstanding services that access database, and to make sure they use the concurrent caching currently available in LArSoft. 
    • SPACK migration timelines are still uncertain. 
      • The Spack team is confident that major changes aren’t needed to SPACK, but still not sure yet if the current implementation of SPACK can support what is needed, hence the uncertainty of the timeline. 
      • One note they emphasized is that we will be able to support builds under SPACK long before we have a complete development environment. 
    • Pixel detectors within LArSoft. 
      • There has been steady progress refactoring the geometry service as needed, and this work is nearly completed. 
      • Once that is done, the current geometry will be implemented via two separate components, a volume geometry hierarchy, and a readout geometry description. The latter knows about the former, but not vice versa. 
      • The next step will be to implement a pixel readout geometry description. A draft of this already exists. Full implementation will require working with people from  DUNE ND LAr
    • No progress on neutrino event refactoring. 
  • AL9 support
    • Current CSAID plan is to not spend the effort to bring UPS forward to AL9. If this is an issue, talk to your Spokespeople and have them bring it to the attention of CSAID management. 
  • Compilers
    • Recently included the possibility to build under clang 14 (c14) and gcc 12.1 (e26) starting with LArSoft v09_74_01 released on May 5. Default builds remain unchanged.
    • C14 and and e26 will become the default qualifiers when we migrate to art 3.13 (which will be soon)
  • Experiments:  please remember that keeping experiment code in pace with integration releases is necessary in order to have the benefit of the CI system for code updates and release validation. 


DUNE – Tom Junk

  • Release information, we’re at 9.75 at DUNE. 
  • One of our customers of SPACK is sending emails. Misner? He wants to run stuff on __ LArCP3 and link it with. We may have to upgrade DUNE’s software SPACK. There were some weird warnings. We contacted original developers, who reassured us that they were valid. 

SBND – Miquel

  • Worked through the update from the last release. Resolved an issue with dependencies, external ones. They were holding us back, but they are aware..

Argonaut – Tingjun 

  • Person who has been making updates has a new position, so won’t be continuing. Management says drop support for Argonaut support. If anyone wants to do work, they will have to do the updating. Believe there is no active work being done.
  • So, Argonaut is in the same position as LArIAT. There haven’t been any LArIAT releases for a long time.
  • Thanks for the support for so many years.
  • Probably makes sense to remove them from the CI tests. 

SBN: Steven

  • Miquel covered some. Do you want a message to take to MicroBooNE?
  • In response to Steven’s request for more information on Neutrino refactoring, Erica explained that LArSoft is built against a particular version of GENIE. The same is true of every generator. The only way to break that connection is to produce a text file from one generator. The idea was to break that dependency so that you could change the version of GENIE at run-time and not have LArSoft built against a particular one. That would be a model for all other generators that are built within LArSoft. Experiments pretty closely track each other for what version they use, but there’s no reason why we should have to coordinate that through LArSoft.The text file is difficult to deal with. Working with Robert Hatcher to do that. Developed a plan at the beginning of last year. It looked good. It’s been sitting ever since. Tried to get him to pick it up recently. He may have taken it back to GENIE management. 
  • Steven may follow up with Robert directly.

ICARUS – Tracy:

  • We are making progress for converting to the new LArG4. Converting to the geometry. Giuseppe picked it up recently and he’s been making progress. General schedule has a large simulation/reconstruction in fall with SBND. Targeting to have the work done at the end of summer. Giuseppe needs to work with Hans.
  • We are impacted by space charge stuff. Erica: I’ll try to get a meeting this week.
  • We have a soft production release. The main production is going to be done in fall. What we’re doing now is what we think we’ll do for the summer.
  • ICARUS workshop in 3 weeks, if we can find a room at Fermilab. 
  • We’re making good progress. ICARUS has its own challenges with the horizontal wires and other things, but we’re starting to make good progress.
  • Unified event display – continued lament. Titus would be good, but it doesn’t display what ICARUS needs. They don’t have the cycles to fix it themselves. All along it’s been ‘made to work’ which makes it difficult to understand. ICARUS breaks everything. 
    • Erica:  heard. Currently have no one available to work on this. The project continues to lobby for the effort needed.

Please email Katherine Lato or Erica Snider for any corrections or additions to these notes.