April 2023 Meeting Notes

The April 2023 LArSoft Offline Leads status update was handled via email and a google document. 

LArSoft – Erica Snider

  • Geometry refactoring to accommodate pixels
    • Have made good progress in removing the detector-specific readout geometry description from the generic detector volume description. Final elements of the design are completed, and the work to refactor the wire readout geometry description is at an advanced stage (Kyle Knoepfel). We expect to start testing this new geometry within the next two weeks. Once completed, a pixel readout geometry will be introduced based on an existing prototype written by Tom Junk. 
  • Thread safety work status
    • Saba Sehrish has picked up work she performed over a year ago on making LArSoft services thread safe. This work included introducing concurrent caching needed to make services that access databases thread safe. She began her current effort by working to bring forward the feature branches of that previous body of work to the head of develop. She will then turn to the service changes needed by ICARUS to make their production workflow thread safe.
  • art 3.12 update
    • We expect to be ready to migrate to art 3.12 on the time scale of a week or two. There will be some changes to user code needed. Kyle Knoepfel will talk about these at the April 18 LCM.
  • AL9 support
    • LArSoft will be supported under AL9 as SL7 enters end of life. In preparation for this, the SciSoft team has acquired the necessary infrastructure (build and CI nodes) to begin working on this support. An important point to take note of is that CSAID does not now support UPS under AL9, and has no plans to do so in the future. Consequently, the migration to the Spack-based build and development environments must be completed prior to providing full support for AL9. Since the timeline for the Spack migration is not yet known, however, we do not know when full support for AL9 will be available. We will keep the community informed as the situation changes.
  • Multi-threading workshop

DUNE – Heidi Schellman, Tingjun Yang, Michael Kirby Tom Junk

Just to let people be aware – Shekhar Mishra has been attempting to build LArSoft and dunes on AL9.1, as part of an AI/ML project for ICEBERG.  He says he has been able to build LArSoft on AL9.1 and is working on dunesw.  Not all dependent products of dunesw are built with mrb or have known build shims, such as duneanaobj and srproxy.  Some products have hand-built UPS products – dunedaqdataformats, dunedetdataformats, highfive and nlohmann_json.  The hand-built UPS products do not involve compiled code – they are header-only libraries and should just copy over to Shekhar’s setup.  We have been answering Shekhar’s questions but not actually doing work to support this path.  We have suggested using SL7 in a container on his AL9 machine as an interim solution.

ICARUS – Daniele Gibin, Tracy Usher

No Report

LArIAT – Jonathan Asaadi

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MicroBooNE – Herbert Greenlee

SBND – Andrzej Szelc

No Report

SBN Data/InfrastructureSteven J. Gardiner, Giuseppe B. Cerati

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