Training – March 2017

There is a new training page on the website that provides useful information on training for LArSoft in one spot. While designed for people new to LArSoft, it has links to information that may be of value to all. It can be found at

A valuable source of training are the annual LArSoft workshops. In 2017, the workshop will be held on June 20. The topics will be:

  • SPACK build system tutorial – In-depth, hands-on exploration of features, how to configure builds
  • Introduction to concurrency – What this means, why it is important, and what it implies for your code. A general discussion in advance of multi-threaded art release
  • Debugging and profiling tutorial
  • Continuous Integration (CI)  improvements and new features

Information will be added to the  Indico site including presentations.

–Katherine Lato